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    • Annie
      Annie I want to take a moment and tell all my friends and acquaintences here that I am very thankful for all the wonderful interactions I have with each of you. I am grateful for the special friends I have found here, and I appreciate each and every one of you....  more
      • 24 minutes ago
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      • Annie
        gordita Happy Thanksgiving Annie... Hope its a great one lots to be thankful for... One think i know i am thankful i will be able to sit comfortable;)
        • 15 minutes ago
      • Annie
        framaur I wish all my American relations friends especially all of you who accepted me as friend and whom I chat with a Happy Thanksgiving quality times with your family celebrate you celelebrate each other... You are all worth celebrating
        • 5 minutes ago
    • Elise
      Elise It's that time of year again!
      • 2 hours ago
    • Doug5
      Doug5 I suppose this would class as an equine spanking
      • 2 hours ago