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    • bob hanvey
      bob hanvey thank you Karencanez hope to chat soon
      • 2 hours ago
    • Stephbo Coop
      Stephbo Coop Well guys thanks for the fun tonight but I've already taken my meds and put my baby cousin to bed and now she's laying with me tonight. I'll be on here around 10am or so eastern time tomorrow. So whoever is on then can message I should be here. Goodnight for now
      • 6 hours ago
    • Gretchen
      Gretchen added 12 photo(s) to the album Bending Cane:
      66 F bending cane all the way into half circle BandW via purebeautyandstyle_tumblr_com
      67 F Miss Bailey in purple blouse glasses bending cane schoolmistressfantasy_com
      68 F seated on school desk bending cane via Rouseau blonde femdom album spankingtube_com
      69 Two severe Fs in school room one bending cane LadyLinda album on spankingtube_com
      70 F bending cane in front of kneeling naked M with two Fs onlooking BandW art via Rouseau blonde femdom album spankingtube_com
      71 F bending cane with bent barebutt M in foreground BandW purebeautyandstyle_tumblr_com
      72 F bending cane in front of mouth BandW purebeautyandstyle_tumblr_com
      73 F in steampunkish corset and dress bending bullwhip BandW purebeautyandstyle_tumblr_com
      • 7 hours ago