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  • Alpha  Wolf
    Alpha Wolf has added a new profile photo.
    • 8 minutes ago
  • Nova
    NovaCoralee Martin: Great to see another Canadian on here
    • 15 minutes ago
  • Tim
    Tim has added a new profile photo.
    • 57 minutes ago
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    • Tim
      mrfreeze59 Sorry Tim but that picture to me looks like a minor being spanked which is not what people want to see as its an adult site please can you remove it
  • Seatscorcher
    SeatscorcherAngela: hi Angela...I am a spanker in the northeastern US...not far from Boston..I'd like to be your friend...
    • 3 hours ago
  • mrfreeze59
    mrfreeze59 Happy Hump day Alex and Nawty Beth
    • 3 hours ago
  • pernilla
    pernilla I,m trying to believe in this but in the spanking world I´m not so sure if being different isn´t a bad thing.
    • 4 hours ago
    • pernilla
      Alex I think it is wonderful how we are all different: we should respect and welcome our different preferences, needs and wants
    • pernilla
      KR Be whatever you want to be Pernilla
    • pernilla
      Gary Nothing wrong with being different as long as you enjoy having fun with it .
      • 19 minutes ago
  • pernilla
    pernilla Sometimes you feel naughty but can´t help fantasize about that kind of spanking when you struggle to hide your emotions but your body betrays you.
    • 6 hours ago
  • gordita
    gordita has added a new profile photo.
    • 6 hours ago
  • pernilla
    • 6 hours ago
  • Lash Le Roux
    Lash Le Rouxpaddledschoolgirl: Welcome to iPun!
    • 9 hours ago
  • Lash Le Roux
    Lash Le RouxMaamKira smith: Welcome to iPun, Kira!
    • 9 hours ago
  • Lash Le Roux
    Lash Le RouxCoralee Martin: Welcome to iPun, Coralee!
    • 9 hours ago
  • mt383838
    mt383838 added 2 photo(s) to the album manipulations 3:
    • 10 hours ago
  • Tim
    TimCoralee Martin: Thank you for your friendship
    • 11 hours ago
  • Tim
    Timpaddledschoolgirl: Thank you for the friendship
    • 11 hours ago