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  • rebecca shaw
    rebecca shaw Just put a story of a lockdown fantasy in the forums
    • 30 minutes ago
    • rebecca shaw
      Bob C good story
      • 10 minutes ago
  • nawtybeth
    nawtybethDonny: Donny, I don't think you need to keep sharing other members photos. They have already been posted once. Thank you
    • 32 minutes ago
  • Donny
    Donny shared Kay's image.
    • 55 minutes ago
  • Donny
    Donny shared Kay's image.
    • 57 minutes ago
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  • Donny
    Donny shared Kay's image.
    • 57 minutes ago
  • Donny
    Donny shared Kay's image.
    • 58 minutes ago
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  • CapeCodSpnkr
    CapeCodSpnkr added 3 new photos.
    • 1 hour ago
  • neha murgi
    neha murgi added 12 new photos.
    • 3 hours ago
  • Welshman1888 Jones
    Welshman1888 Jones added 3 photo(s) to the album Bent over:
    • 4 hours ago
  • Emma M
    Emma M added 14 photo(s) to the album Resolving Stacy 2 :
    • 7 hours ago
  • Jim Knight
    Jim Knight [for those that enjoy being watched wile being spanked] - you sister is forced to watch you get a very hard spanking, knowing that she is next...
    • 8 hours ago
    • Jim Knight
      David aka Sir I hope she does not think that "sad eye" look means she is not going to get an equally hard time of it.....coz it don't!!!
      • 6 hours ago
    • Jim Knight
      Percy When all 3 of us are being slippered, we are lined up along the back of the sofa and bent over, my niece first then my gf then me finally .....so I get the chance to enjoy their spankings, tempered by the fact I get slippered the hardest & always...  more
      • 5 hours ago
    • Jim Knight
      ED David aka sir While I love to see a good spanking not when I was on the program. Watching the first one get it certainly seemed to make mine even worse.
      • 45 minutes ago
  • Jim Knight
    Jim Knight added 3 new photos.
    Some more of the legs up position
    • 9 hours ago
  • Jim Knight
    Jim Knight added 2 new photos.
    Two more of my favorite positions! you get spanked by me, and there is a high chance these are some of the positions you may find yourself in.
    • 9 hours ago
  • neha murgi
    neha murgiLondoner6111: Hi
    • 11 hours ago
  • Jim Knight
    Jim Knight added 3 new photos.
    Favorite fantasy 002: After her bottom is burning from the spanking, and she is still sniffling: she gives me a blowjob while at the same time I spank her some more.
    • Fri at 4:17 PM
    • - edited
    • Jim Knight
      Alex It must be quite a technical challenge to spank a girl effectively while she is giving you a bj?
      • 2 hours ago
    • Jim Knight
      Angela Good statement Alex. Also, I've wondered, is this a wide thing to do as in, isn't one afraid of accidentilly (sp?) being bitten?
      • 1 hour ago